We set out from Texas, drove straight across the northern portion of Louisiana, to the state of Mississippi. We passed through Vicksburg National Military Park on the way, unhooking the fifth wheel in the parking lot of the visitor’s center while we drove around the park. A great battle was fought at Vicksburg, one that turned the tide of the Civil War. 

While still camped out in Clinton, Mississippi for the week, we visited the Mississippi History Museum, Civil Rights Museum, and the home of slain civil rights activist Medgar Evers. These two museums were some of the most well done I have seen so far on this trip. We also traveled the Natchez Trace Parkway observing some of the interesting historical points along the trail.

We ended up playing hopscotch between Mississippi and Louisiana as we traveled south and west. After leaving Clinton, we headed back down into Louisiana visiting the New Orleans area before again heading east into the gulf portion of Mississippi. 

In the second half of the trip, we visited Biloxi, Mississippi. Just like New Orleans, Biloxi was ravaged by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Fortunately, both cities have since recovered from that devastating event, but a memorial still stands in Biloxi to mark the event that took place there. 

Biloxi has miles of beaches that line the gulf coast. An 1848 historical lighthouse stands on its shores. The Jefferson Davis Presidential library is also located there. Jefferson Davis was the President of the Confederate States of America during the time of the Civil War. The museum preserves the artifacts from his time in office. 

Vicksburg National Military Park Cannons on the Hill

Vicksburg National Military Park, Civil Rights Museum, and the Home of Medgar Evers

We left Texas and headed east through northern Louisiana, straight through to the state of Mississippi. On the way, we stopped at Vicksburg National Military Park, unhooked the fifth wheel at the park’s visitor’s center, and drove the truck around the park. The narrow roads almost prevented us from getting into the visitor’s center parking lot, but we were able to navigate the lot and park it in one of the longer spots made for RVs.

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Jefferson Davis' House

Biloxi, Mississippi & President Jefferson Davis

Biloxi is a coastal city in southern Mississippi. It’s considered a hidden gem, as one local told me, due to the fact that “most people don’t seem to realize Mississippi even has a coast.” We visited Biloxi during the slow winter season when most tourism spots were closed, but given the extent of the advertising signs at the marinas, the city does have a tourism boom the rest of the year. 

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