Jekyll Island

Jekyll Island is a state park off the Georgia coast. Only 1 mile across by 7 miles long, it is a destination for peace and quiet in a picturesque rugged environment. People are allowed to live in the state park, but they can not own the land they’re living on. They can only lease it from the state for the time they live there. Everything is well kept. Houses, lawns, and walking paths are all in pristine condition. 

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Tybee Island

On our way up the east coast at the beginning of this year, our plan was to stop into Savannah, Georgia and visit Tybee Island. Unfortunately, the campground we had planned to stay at was booked, so that left me scrambling to look for other accommodations at the last minute. I was determined not to miss it on the way back down for the winter. I switched around campground and routes to fit the new plan and this time we were able to stop in for a few days to visit the area and see Tybee Island. 

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Cloudland Canyon State Park

Rock City Gardens was a neat little spot made up of natural rock features and incorporated into a garden adventure/walking park. 

I’m actually not quite sure how to describe this place.

There were walkways with narrow slots in the rocks to walk through, outcroppings with views to see seven states at once, natural waterfalls, a fairyland garden inside a cave, and a swinging bridge running through the middle of it. How would you describe it?

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