We set out from Texas, drove straight across the northern portion of Louisiana, to the state of Mississippi. While we’d like to be able to see every city in the U.S., there just isn’t time enough to all these areas seasonally. So for this portion of the trip we had to skip northern Louisiana.

We ended up playing hopscotch between Mississippi and Louisiana as we traveled south and west. After leaving Mississippi, we headed back down into the state of Louisiana visiting the New Orleans area. 

There was so much to do in Louisiana that we had to pick and choose what would be the most interesting and educational while we were there. We settled on the World War 2 Museum, which is arguably the best in the nation. The Oil Rig Museum which is the only oil rig in the U.S. that offers tours and is still in use as a training facility. Oak Alley Plantation which holds historic value as one of the landowners who owned slaves in the south. Insta-Gator Ranch and Hatchery where they hatch and raise baby gators. Lastly, a swamp tour, because who when going to the south, doesn’t want to see a swamp with real gators!

While seeing all these attractions in the area, we didn’t forget the mighty Mississippi River. We set in the car and watched the boats travel up and down the river for some time. Large barges, tug boats, and ships of all kinds traveled the waters hauling their cargo up and down the river in makeshift lanes. Some were anchored to the shore waiting for the next day.

Alligator-Cajun Pride Swamp Tour

The New Orleans Area, Louisiana

When we left Texas, we traveled across the northern portion of Louisiana, stopped just for the night, then kept going right into Mississippi. I’m sure there’s plenty to do in northern portion of the state of Louisiana, but our destination was the bayous and swamps of southern Louisiana. 

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