The London Bridge

Did you know The London Bridge is actually located in Arizona? The bridge used to span the width of the Thames River in London, but it was sold, disassembled and then reassembled at Lake Havasu in Arizona.

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Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam lies on the Colorado River with the state line shared between Nevada and Arizona running down the middle. It is an engineering marvel that demonstrates American ingenuity and willpower.

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Horseshoe Bend, Buckskin Gulch & Antelope Canyon

The Colorado River cuts deep into the walls of the canyon near the beginning of the Grand Canyon in Page, Arizona. This canyon system is a great example of how rivers wind themselves around the landscape instead of taking the easier, straight path.  

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Grand Canyon National Park

The Grand Canyon… a.k.a. rocks with stripes.

The Grand Canyon is known across the world for its beautiful carved landscaping. Sculpted by the flow of the Colorado River many years ago, the canyon is a treasure to all who look upon it. 

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Sedona, AZ

With snow on the ground at the Grand Canyon, we decided to stay only a couple days. To get to warmer country, we headed south about 100 miles to Sedona, AZ. 

Sedona is known for its striking red rock vistas and hiking. 

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Saguaro National Park, Biosphere 2, & the Titan Missile Museum

We spent two wonderful weeks in Tucson, visiting with family, friends, and seeing the sites. On top of that, we went trick-or-treating for Halloween, celebrated my daughter’s birthday with an escape room (they made it out!), and had an early Thanksgiving meal with family. It was a busy, but fun two weeks!

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Tombstone, AZ

Tombstone, a.k.a. “the town too tough to die.”

Beginning as a mining town in 1877 after the discovery of a silver vein in the nearby hills, Tombstone was once a booming epi-center for those looking to strike it rich. The mines brought in roughly $40-$85 million dollars in silver bullion in a few short years.

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