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The London Bridge

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The London Bridge

Did you know The London Bridge is actually located in Arizona? The bridge used to span the width of the Thames River in London, but it was sold, disassembled and then reassembled at Lake Havasu in Arizona.

While it was in London, the bridge had begun sinking since the invention of the automobile. The bridge had not been designed to hold the amount of weight that was being put upon it. It was decided it needed to be replaced and the bridge went up for sale. An American named Robert P. McCulloch bought it for $2.4 million.

Instead of reassembling it as it had been while in London, it was reengineered to hollow out the inside and add steel beams to help with supporting the loads.

They must have also added the lights, because now it’s purple too!

Boondocking outside Lake Havasu, AZ

We pulled off the road at the Standard Wash Dispersed Camping area just south of Lake Havasu, AZ. There were a few others already there, but it was otherwise relatively empty for the beginning of October. We had no problem finding an open spot.

We didn’t stay long enough to try out Starlink, but had cell service on Verizon. It was very quiet here at night besides the tent campers who came after dark and left at dawn.

Getting off the road, there was a slanted bank that you need to watch out for. Just make sure you’re taking it easy on that angle. Otherwise traversing the area was fairly easy.