Month: October 2022

Utah, Where We've Been

Bryce Canyon National Park

  Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah If you haven’t been to Utah yet, Bryce yourself — it’s beautiful. Bryce Canyon National Park Hoodoo you know that has visited Bryce Canyon and hasn’t told a hoodoo joke? What do you call a hoodoo from

Arizona, Nevada, Where We've Been

Hoover Dam

    Hoover Dam The Hoover Dam lies on the Colorado River with the state line shared between Nevada and Arizona running down the middle. It is an engineering marvel that demonstrates American ingenuity and willpower. The dam was built on

Arizona, Where We've Been

The London Bridge

  The London Bridge Did you know The London Bridge is actually located in Arizona? The bridge used to span the width of the Thames River in London, but it was sold, disassembled and then reassembled at Lake Havasu in Arizona.