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Bryce Canyon National Park

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Bryce Canyon National Park

Hoodoo you know that has visited Bryce Canyon and hasn’t told a hoodoo joke? What do you call a hoodoo from the past? A hoodid.

There was a boy, whose name we shall not mention, walking along a trail throwing rocks down into the canyon. He could have hit someone with those rocks so I stopped him and said, “Hoodoo you think you are?” “…no, seriously, don’t throw the rocks, son.”

Hoodoo jokes were rolling this week as we enjoyed the spectacular views of the stately pillars in Bryce Canyon. Bryce is the only place in the world where there are so many hoodoos in one place and what a magnificent display they put on for us. 

Their towering peaks produced glowed an impressive shade of orange and red as the morning sunlight shown upon them. 

The kids were always finding new views to admire as we walked along the Rim trail from Sunrise Point to Inspiration Point. Inspiration Point, in my opinion, was the most impressive view of all.

We definitely got our hiking in as we walked down and back along the Queen’s Garden Trail. Seeing the hoodoos from below gave them perspective and realization of their impressive height and stature. Ellie found a number of crevases to rest in to take a break from hiking back up from the canyon below.

In some places in the park, the hoodoos took on the form of miniature cities or castles with winding roads running through them. With the right lighting and location, they could be mistaken for a medieval castle in Britain or Bavaria.

The hoodoos can be seen stretching for miles in this photo. They continue along the rim of the canyon and out of sight as they wind further to the north to Fairyland Canyon. They continue to stretch for another few miles behind this location up to Bryce Point and beyond.

The Fortress, located along the Queen’s Garden Trail, is a great place to do some astrophotography. Thor’s hammer is located just to the left of the Fortress. The bright star in the center of the photograph is Jupiter and the light coming from the left is from the moon which was about to rise over the horizon.

Hoodoo you think enjoyed Bryce the most?

Boondocking at Tom’s Best

Tom’s Best has got to be the best boondocking site we’ve been to so far. A maintained gravel road takes you back to the dispersed campground. There are individual spots among the trees as you first come in, but about a mile back is an open field with a handful of other boondockers enjoying the solitude and openness of the land.

We let the dog run off leash. The kids pulled out the frisbee and soccer ball and we had a blast running around and playing together.

Starlink was on fire here! We were getting incredibly fast speeds. 135mbps down and 10 up. Verizon and AT&T both had 5 bars with our cell antenna. Verizon had 3 bars on the phone itself.