Oklahoma, Where We've Been

Gathering Place & Center of the Universe

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Gathering Place

Tulsa has one of the best city parks in the country, IMHO. Known simply as Gathering Place, it boasts a 5 acre adventure playground, that all ages can enjoy. Zip lines, climbing nets, water play, 3-story slides, mirror mazes, nature chimes, and net swings are spread out throughout the park.

There are winding trails lead to different areas of the park. It’s easy to get turned around while looking for an entrance to an area. No doubt about getting your exercise here! 

A series of netted walking trails run across different sections of the park connecting them together.

There’s a beach and boating area down by the lake for a relaxing afternoon enjoying the sunshine. When you’re done with all the play and need a refresher, the park’s main community building sells ice cream, snacks, and drinks.

The flowers were blooming in spring. If the playground, beaches, and lounge aren’t your thing, the landscaping and flowers can’t be missed. There were plenty of people of all ages strolling around the grounds of the park enjoying the scenery.



Center of the Universe

If you want to explore the center of universe, you don’t have to travel any farther than Tulsa. At least, that’s what our map told us. 

In the heart of the city, there is a small circular spot where a unique phenomenon occurs. If you stand in the center and talk in any direction, you can hear your echo. As you step out of the circle, the echo quickly fades and disperses. Interestingly, others around you can’t hear it, only the one who stands in the center.

We each gave it a try and tried to come up with a scientific reason for this phenomenon. We searched under the bridge for any explanation. Maybe there was a pipe or crack in the structure that allowed the reverberation to happen? 

The area is surrounded by a circular set of planters which became our best guess. What is yours? 



Brush Creek Park-Army Corps of Engineers

Brush Creek Park was easy to find, just west of Tulsa. It’s an Army Corps of Engineers park. We just found our spot from our reservation and backed in. The camp host came up to us in a golf cart and checked us in. He gave us the siren/horn information for the dam. He explained what the different horn sounds meant and not to be alarmed when we hear them. They were rather loud and didn’t stop during the night so we were woken up many times during our stay.

There is a mile long athletic trail just to the southeast of the campground which was great for my athletic teens to use.

The sites are plenty long and relatively flat. We had plenty of space for our fifth wheel and truck. Water was located farther back so we had to back up in order for the hose to reach. 

We had electric and water at our site and used the dump station on the way out.  

Starlink speeds were 25 down/15 up. We had 2 bars on the Verizon phones (22/1.6) and 5 bars with the cell antenna (30/14). AT&T was 5 bars with the cell antenna (24/18).