New York, Where We've Been

Harvest Host Sites

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Harvest Host Sites

You may have seen that we went fairly quickly through the lower part of New York, bypassing the Big Apple.

There was no way I was going to drive a 40′ fifth wheel through New York, so unfortunately, we had to skip the city. Yikes!

But we did get to see family and the area where Ben spent the first few years of his life on this earth. 

On the way, we stopped at a couple different Harvest Host locations – businesses that are part of a service that allows RVers to park on their land in return for spending around $20 in their store for food, services, or merchandise.

The first Harvest Host we stayed at was called the Castle Fun Center in Chester, NY.  The road down to the parking lot was a bit steep, but doable with our big rig. We parked in the north lot, per their instructions, and pulled across several parking spaces so we wouldn’t have to detach. We put out the slides and put the jacks down. Then we let the fun begin!

We went to check in at the front desk and was told by the manager it wasn’t necessary. Some Harvest Hosts want you to check in while others don’t seem to mind. They had a snack bar, an inflatable course, mini golf, go-carts, all kinds of fun things. 

We chose mini golf and they had a blast, but at second look I think the kids would have really enjoyed the inflatables too. More of a chance to get out their stored up energy from being in the car for part of the morning. 

The second location was at Wright’s Farm. They have a storefront that sells produce, jams, meats, and Ellie’s favorite, apple cider donuts.

They had a huge site where we could park the fifth wheel. The drive up to it though was fairly tight and windy and we did end up with a few scratches from a tree on the side of our rig. Hopefully it’ll buff out with the next wash and wax. 

This was literally the quietest place I think we’ve stayed our whole trip. We were surrounded by an apple orchard and the little apples were starting to bud on the trees. There wasn’t anything to pick as apple harvest season is in the fall, but the kids sure did enjoy those donuts.

On to Connecticut!