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Star Trek Tour

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Star Trek Tour

This awesome Star Trek Original Series replica set is located in the little town of Ticonderoga, New York.

It is a near exact recreation of the original Star Trek 1960’s tv set complete with blinking lights and sounds.

As Trekkies ourselves, we were over the moon being able to visit a place like this!

The creator of the Star Trek Tour was a fan of the show back in the 1980’s and decided to recreate it to film his own movies here. Paramount quickly put a stop to it due to copyright concerns, but allowed it to be used for tourism instead and so they opened to the public.

Actually, he earned the money to build the set from being an Elvis impersonator. His hair is styled as Elvis and if he was to dress up like him, you can see why he fits the role so perfectly.

Here is Spock’s area and the blue light scope he used to look into… which is nothing but a blue light.

The set is complete with a transporter, the unending corridor, Captain’s quarters, sick bay, and conference room.

It was so scary being beamed up for the first time! Ha!

Ah, yes, the unending corridor. This is where they would walk, talk, walk, fight scene, and walk. The crew would probably change the name plates occasionally and close some doors, but otherwise, it’s always the same bending corridor in the hallway scenes.

This medical diagnostic table comes complete with a rotating table and stat indicators above the bed. 

More medical beds were in the adjacent room. The material on the beds was a special order that they had to make in order to match what was on set at the time… in the same 1960’s style.

The conference room was laid out with several games, the boxy monitor in the middle of the table, and the autographed Vulcan lute. 

Anyone for a game of 3d chess?

Here’s the Captain’s quarters. Do you know that those chairs were actually regular plastic chairs with a high backed cushion? Whenever they moved the chairs on set, they had to grab them from the plastic part, because no. 1, they weren’t on rollers, and no. 2, the backs would just come off if they grabbed them higher up.

This is Captain’s Kirk’s quarters as well.

These Next Generation LCARS panels were actually located at the start of the tour, before entering. Apparently they are planning to build a Next Generation set in a nearby building. If that do that, we will be back! I would love to tour the Enterprise-D!

They let us sit in the Captain’s chair on the bridge and take pictures. How cool is that?

We were there the weekend of a mini convention. William Shatner was the special guest speaker and Michael and Denise Okuda were there as well. They’re the technical babble advisors. The producer and art director of the new show “Picard” were also there and they gave a speech on the last two seasons of the show.

It was very neat to meet them all and hear about the future plans for Star Trek.





Crown Point State Historic Site Campground

Crown Point Campground is located in a state park, next to the border of Vermont in New York. The day we arrived, there had been a torrential down pour of rain with trees loosing branches and soaking the ground. 

Just as we arrived, we checked in and everyone looked soaked. We got our site number (#1) and tried to make it there, but ended up getting stuck as we sunk into the mud.

They were able to reassign us to another spot on gravel. This is a no hook-up campground, but there are many water spigots and a dump station on site. Generators are limited to specific hours during the day. 

The frogs can be noisy at night but the birds are nice to hear during the day and there were lightning bugs present when we were there in mid-July. 

We had too many trees at our new site and were unable to use Starlink. Verizon was decent at 3 bars on the phone and 4 bars with our cell antenna. AT&T was much better with the cell antenna at 5 bars.