Indiana, Where We've Been

Turkey Run State Park

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Turkey Run State Park

A bit of a change from the pace of city life, we headed back into the country to a state park in Indiana known as Turkey Run. We seem to be leaving each place just as the leaves are starting to turn. Fall is chasing us down the country, but not quite catching up yet. 

This park is one of the few places in Indiana left in its natural state. This is what Indiana looked like before agriculture took over the area.

The area has many great trails for hiking. We ended up doing a 4 mile and a 2 mile hike and were taken a back by the ruggedness of the terrain.  

After hiking through muddy terrain, over and under fallen logs, and up the side of rocks, we eventually came to Bear Hollow. There was no way out but up, so we climbed several ladders up to the next bit of trail, under more logs and up 144 stairs before eventually starting the descent at the halfway point. 

The terrain was cut out of the sides of hills with fallen logs lining the bottom.

The week was spent hiking, finding beautiful fall leaves and just enjoying being in nature once again. 





Turkey Run State Park Campground

Turkey Run State Park was decent, but could use a little TLC. For one, after checking in at the booth, we were immediately met with low hanging branches that swiped up the front of the fifth wheel and over the roof. That wasn’t the only one though. At the water station, the leaves over the road measured only 9′ above the road. While that’s fine for some of the smaller rigs, that’s a no-go for a 13’6″ tall fifth wheel. I mentioned this to the person in the booth, but all she said was we have a guy that comes by and cuts the branches but he’s not due out here anytime soon.

We had electric only, but they do have fresh water and a dump on site. Back up into the site was a little tricky as there was only a one lane road in front and the sites in front of us that were empty were offset, so we had to roll over some of the grass to get into our spot.

The bathrooms were fine, but the showers only had cold water.

There were too many trees to use Starlink. 4 bars on the Verizon phones and 5 bars with the cell antenna (91/26). AT&T was 5 bars with the cell antenna (25/18).